Best Of 7 Canary Islands, In Spain

The Canary Islands is the name given to a group of islands located in Spain. There are a total of seven islands that make up the Canary Islands and they are as follows:

Canary Islands

Gran Canaria: 

This Island has everything from a mountain range, desert and tropical forests. The diversity of the island and its sand beaches make it a popular tourist spot. Las Palmas is the main town and has many places such as Art Center, Museum and Cathedral that display the culture and history of the place.


Lanzarote is full of volcanic mountains that erupted in 18th and 19th centuries. The island is covered with lava and ashes but the residents have done a remarkable job in growing different plants and crops on the island.


This Island happens to be the oldest among all Canary Islands. The oldest town on island is Betancuris which is located right at the centre of the island and contains relics of the past in the Archaeological Museum. The capital city Puerto Rosario is also worth seeing.


This is the largest island among the seven islands that make up the Canary Island. This island contains Mount Teide which is the highest mountain in Spain. The most visited city of the island is Puerto de la Cruz which is famous for inspiring architecture and natural beauty.

La Gomera: 

This Island consists entirely of steep mountains. The island is of historic significance because it has the port from where Christopher Columbus set sail for America during his travels. You can travel between this island and Tenerife through a ferry.

La Palma:

Most people visit this island to see the gigantic volcanic crater that is 9km wide. This island also has a lot of mountains and there is also a world-renowned astronomy observatory located on the highest mountain. The capital Santa Cruz has numerous historical buildings that you can visit.

El Hierro: 

This Island is the smallest of all Canary Islands. The coast of the island is mostly made of rocks and there are a few sand beaches here. The capital city of this island is Valverde which is a well-known for its remarkable architecture.

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