Langham Hotels In London Popular Tourist Attraction

London is a very busy city because it holds a central position in Europe. Millions of people visit it every year. Some are there for business, while others have to attend a meeting or conference and still others just visit the city to see the numerous landmarks that make it a popular tourist attraction. There are numerous hotels in London. You can find both expansive and budget hotels to stay at. But if you want to enjoy the best of London you should pick a hotel that has the reputation of being the best of it’s kind. There are many hotels in London that have been serving people for centuries and are still considered among the best hotels in the city. One such hotel is the Langham Hotel.

Today Langham is a name well recognized around the world. You can find Langham Hotels in almost all major cities in the world. This chain of five star luxury hotels was started when the Europe’s first Grand Hotel was opened in London in 1865 and named Langham. 

 Langham Hotels, London
The Langham in London despite being the oldest of its kind is also very prestigious. The building of the hotel and the decoration inside is quite beautiful and luxurious. The rooms are furnished opulently and you can find different kinds of guestrooms and suites in this hotel. Over the years the Langham Hotel in London has played host to numerous celebrities, leaders and royalty from around the world.

The Langham Hotel has a lot to offer to its guests. This Victorian London hotel also has a Chuan Spa where the guests can relax and get healthy treatments. There is a Palm Court and splendid dining restaurant in this hotel. Another special thing about the Langham Hotel in London is that it’s where the tradition of offering afternoon tea was started that has been followed in the hotels around the world since then. It’s also a perfect location to stage an event in London. There are around fifteen function rooms in the hotel where you can arrange your event. Langham provides you a great opportunity to spend your vacation being treated and feeling like a royalty.
 Langham Hotels Interior attractions


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