Washington D.C Capital Of The Most Powerful Country United States

Washington D.C. is as we know is the capital of the most powerful country in the worldthat is the United States. DC is an extension of the meaning of the district. Of course Washington D.C. itself is a center of the American city. There are several islands under its name as well as 176 foreign embassies reside in it. However as one of the Washington DC city center still offers several tourist destinations to attract more tourists are coming. So that the center of the country still has considerable appeal. Of the many tourist attractions one of which that very well known in Washington DC is of course the White House. Well, the White House is one of the building are quite famous in fact this is one of the central office of the American capital. More than a building the White House has an environment and structure that is quite interesting.

Several Historic Buildings That Could be Used as Attraction

As one of the city center washington has some historic buildings that are not only famous but also has the shape and structure of the building is unique. Among the some of the buildings were used as a tourist attraction that can be visited for everyone. Among the name of the building are:
Washington D.C
Healy Hall is a historic building that was built in 1877-1879, which is still operated as a campus. The name of the campus is Georgetown University.
United States Capitol is the name of a state court that functioned as a meeting place by the government. Although not open to the public but the form of the capitol building is quite magnificent and can be seen from far away.
Washington Monument is one of the historic monuments built to commemorate one of the american president george washington. Monument obelisk-shaped stone tower is one of the highest in the world, with a height reaches 555 meters. You can find this monument on the National Mall in Washington D.C.

Frederick Douglass National Historic Site is one of the well-known tourist attraction there, in fact Frederick Douglass National Historic Site is the name of the home of an African-American of the most prominent in the 19th century. Not only famous heritage house stands on a hill and offers panoramic views of the entire city.
Washington DC At Night View

Washington DC Skyline Attraction

The African American Civil War Memorial is also one of the historical monuments is quite interesting to go. The monument was created to commemorate the civil war going on in America in ancient times. And there are many more historical buildings that you can find and visit.
 Washington DC Map

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