Teotihuacan, Mexico Famous For It's Avenue of the Dead And Bright Colorful Mural

Teotihuacan is a huge massive archeological site Basin of Mexico which is about 48 km north east of Mexico City. It contains Mesoamerican pyramids which were built in during the era pre-Columbian Americas. It contains the largest residential area within it. It is also popular for the Avenue of the Dead and many bright colorful murals that are still preserved. The name means a place where man met the gods.

Teotihuacan is also famous for its market of orange pottery that used to hold a great importance in the arts and designs made by the Mesoamericans. Teotihuacan was the largest city during those ages in the whole of world with a population of 125,000 and it began as religious center too during 1st century A.D. For the residence of such a large people, many houses and flats which were multi-floor compounds were made. It is still unclear as to what the religion of the people was but it may be Otomi, Nahua or Totonac ethnic group. It might be a multiethnic state too. The place was listed as the World Heritage Site in 1987 by UNESCO and hence it became the most popular and visited place in Mexico.
Primary Avenue is located with a north to south axis aligning the city. At the north end of this Primary Avenue (Street of the Dead) lies the great pyramid of the moon, while the Pyramid of the Sun is at the western corner. IF you go further straight to south, 15 smaller pyramids are surrounding a plaza known as Ciudadela.

Teotihuacan Wonderful Attraction
The inhabitants of the city also believed in human sacrifice. They used to dedicate the sacrifice to their god whenever there was an increment in the area of residence. The victims were the enemies who were also decapitated, heart removal from the chest and some were buried alive for the betterment and prosperity of the area. Similarly Animals were believed to have some form of magic and mythical powers. Many of the masks made of stone were also excavated at the site which suggests its use in funery context.  These people used to believe in the Storm god and the great goddesses. People from all over the world come to visit this enormous site to appreciate the architecture of the earlier designs.

Teotihuacan Mexico Historical Place

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