Buckingham Palace Beautiful Architects Design

Buckingham Palace is the name of a magnificent building belong to England monarchy. The building is now better known as the main palace building royal England, as well as being the residence of the king and queen of England and became the center of national events held from the kingdom. Buildings that had stood since 1705 it has become part of the history of England nation in the past. Function also has a lot of variety. From the years since its founding empire building has undergone several renovations at some point the building. The renovation must be done to increase the area of ​​the empire as well as to improve and beautify the decor of the room in the building. Renovation of the building is not only done by people at random, architects John Nash and Edward Blore are 2 people who were given the responsibility to decorate this part of the building as it appears the royal grandeur of the 19th century.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace is a Marvelous Tourist Destination

Although this building is one of the main building of the kingdom but in some side buildings of Buckingham Palace was designed for the public. Not only the outside of a very beautiful garden complete with grassy green that adorned some beautiful plants but the common one, ranging from local residents to international tourists be allowed to enter the building. On the inside you will find some historical objects or objects and paintings are still in use in the kingdom. But Buckingham Palace is only open to the public on certain months. Every day the building is closed to the public and could only be entered by people from the kingdom or overseas guests of honor. This building is also open during the events there.

Form of Grandeur and Luxury of Buckingham Palace Buildings

As one of the central buildings in the England which became the main building of the England monarchy, Buckingham Palace has the grandeur and luxury of a very elite. Course to provide a residence for the leaders of the country it is most needed. Of several luxury Buckingham Palace can we describe this building is built with a height of up to 24 meters. On the inside of Buckingham Palace consists of 19 rooms consisting of:

    State Dining Room              Blue Drawing Room
    Music Room                       White Drawing Room
    Royal Closet                      Throne Room
   Green Drawing Room         cross Gallery
    Ball Roo                             East Gallery
    Yellow Drawing Room       Centre / Balcony Room
    Chinese Luncheon Room    Principal Corridor
    Private Apartments             service Areas
    The Grand staircase.          Ambassador's Entrance On the ground floor
    Grand Entrance

Buckingham Palace Inside view
Buckingham Palace interior luxury design

Buckingham Palace London

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