Potala Palace at Lhasa,Tibet In China

The Potala Palace is situated in Lhasa in the Tibet Region, China. It was named after the Mount Potalaka which is home of myths of Avalokitesvara and Chenresig. It is the chief residence of The popular personality Dalai Lama till 14th century. It  was constructed by Lozang Gyatso ( 5th Dalai Lama) when he realized that it could be an ideal place for the seat of government since it is located in between Sera and Drepung monasteries and the ancient Lhasa. Today this palace is popularly known as a museum.

It has 350 x 400 meters dimensions, total of 13 stories which consists of approximately 1000 rooms, 200,000 statues and 10,000 shrines. According to the popular belief, the 3 hills of Lhasa directs towards the ‘Three Protectors of Tibet’. At the center lies the ‘red palace’ of Potala which is unique in its own way.

It has many principal halls, shrines, chapels with creative paintings, innovative carving, jewelry work and many other arts exhibits. The Chinese Putuo Zongching Temple modeled after the Potala was being named as one of the New Seven Wonders and hence also became the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 1994, it's became one of the locations for World Heritage Site.

Potala Palace Tibet
The white palace is also a part of the Potala where people used to live. It was firstly made during the era of 5th Dalai Lama and then extended up to the 13th Dalai Lama by the 20th century. The red palace, however, is completely devoted to Buddhism culture for praying.

 The Potala Palace consists of millions of collections of colorful diverse and rich cultural relics. The paintings on the wall is so rich in multi-themed idea and therefore is a major part of evidence for Tibetan own culture and arts. It is still retains its shape and strength because of the quality of technology, material and layout used for the construction.

The three major portions of the Palace i.e. Norbulingka, Jokhang and the Potala are all under the protection and management services and laws of the Law on the Protection of Cultural Relics of the People’s Republic of China.

Potala Palace Lhasa, Tibet

Potala Palace

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  1. There's nobody living inside the shell now, but the daily visitors keep the palace a spiritual palace! really a great place to visit in Lhasa



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