Puerto Rico Natural Beauty And Wonderful Beaches, America

Puerto Rico is famous, as the city of the U.S. commonwealth that was beautiful, stunning beaches, crazy nightlife and is also an attractive sight. With the capital of San Juan. Using the Spanish language as the national language. Borders with the Dominican Republic in the east, and in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Puerto Rico is also one place that offers natural beauty and wonderful islands in America. This place has a wealth not only on the sports field but also in the culinary field. Many of the delicious typical food comes from this wonderful place.

Sights To See in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico has a stunning natural scenery beaches with crystal clear water and blue. A treasure that attracts tourists to visit Puerto. Flamenco Beach is one of them, a strategic place with a nice view of the low hills that can anesthetize the tourists for spend vacation time. Not only that, another famous place in puerto is the Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, or better known as El Morro. An old fort built in 1540 to 250 in the process of making. Fort that will bring us back to nature.

Puerto Rico, Activities what to do?

Puerto Rico has many places for distribute pleasure and hobby. There are many of activities to do and very dear to miss. From the beach sports such as:

Surfing         Snorkeling
Kite             boarding

To extreme sports such as:

Biking     Rapelling
Hang      Gliding climbing
and  zip lining.

From the water sports, such as:

Sailing         Fishing

To get back to nature like:

Hiking,         Camping,
Horseback   Riding

Even from local traditions to modern life. Full of color and style. Well, You can enjoy Chiringa, traditional kites flew above in the bull lying in the middle of the green plains, the coastal breeze that blows.

Old San Juan is the heart of the historic culture in Puerto. Surrounded by:

Monuments             Colonial Architecture
Castles                   Casinos
up to the night life such as   Live Music
Night Club and         Salsa!

There are many points of interest to visit in Puerto Rico. And one of them is the Mayaguez Zoo is the only zoo and opened in 1954, Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena is also the only place in the Caribbean ice skating. Camuy River park cave park, parque de bombas.

Puerto Rico Beaches

  Map View

 San Juan Puerto Rico


  1. This is a very good article but I have one complaint. The geographic information is wrong . First of all the Dominican Republic is at the WEST of the island, and Puerto Rico doesn't have borders with it, just in the sea. And the Caribbean Sea is in all the SOUTH of the island. One other thing I want to mention is the PiƱa Colada. It was invented in Puerto Rico and it tastes so good. Way better than in any country I've been, including mine. I encourage everybody to go. It worth it.



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