Karnak Temple Largest Temple Complex In Egypt

Karnak Temple consists of chapels that are almost decayed as well as temples, pylons and many other buildings. Since the reign of Sesostris I the building at the complex had begun which continued till the Ptolemaic period. The main place of worship is Theban Triad which has the god Amun In it and around this building lies Ipet-isut also known as the most selected of places. This area is known as monument of the city of Thebes. No site in Egypt is more beautiful and antique than Karnak. It is the largest temple complex ever which was built by man and it is a symbol of hard work of many architects and ancient builders. It has an area of 100 hectares of land. UCLA dedicated itself since 2009 to the reconstructions of Karnak Complex. The 3 main temples are Mut, Amun and Montu which are in between an enormous layer of brick walls. Across the Sacred Lake lies the Open Air museum.

Karnak Temple Egypt
The Hypostyle Hall is found after the Second Pylon and is popularly known as the world’s largest and architectural masterpieces. After seeing this particular area, one can be sure for the intentions of the builders with the lightning effects. The columns, beams, ceilings and walls are painted with the most natural earthy colors. The light that was allowed in created artistic shadows. There are twelve columns made of papyrus and total of hall ceiling height is 82 feet. The reliefs in the hall contain the symbolism of Creation. The northern part of the reliefs are from the era of Seti I and are of more better quality than the reliefs that were made by his son Ramesses II which lies at the southern half. The Ramesse II reliefs are cut much deeper creating a creative and dramatic shadowy plus light effect.

Every year millions of tourists visit Egypt to experience the best time of their life by visiting Karnak. The whole ancient life is being put before their eyes when seeing the architecture. The precinct of Mut is being dedicated to the earth and creation deity.
Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple

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