Natural Bridges The most unique Virginia Attractions

Is an activity holiday to rest, to pass the time during a vacation can be done by going to several attractions for just refreshing. but some people might prefer enjoying a long journey to refresh their minds, for such people, one goal right tang is Natural Bridges. bridge as we know it has the function to connect the region to other regions. however, most bridges in the world, almost all are man-made. but without us knowing some of which is also a natural bridge of doing some of the natural ingredients. This connecting road, could even be used properly-made bridge.

Natural Bridges National Monument

Natural Bridges National Monument is one of the famous bridges in the United States. not only interesting because of the materials used, the bridge also has a form that is quite unique and interesting. bridge which is the first monument in utah area was first unveiled by the American president in 1908. in addition to its function as a connecting road, the bridge is also a lot of attention of tourists from within the country and overseas to see firsthand these natural phenomena. seen from the shape bridge is made of natural stone is very large, forming a road and there is a big hole underneath. the unique shape of this bridge is one of the attractions for foreign tourists to come. This bridge can be accessed with just one direction. made with a length of about 0.6 mile (1 km), and Height reaches 220/67. with a thickness of approximately 53/16.

Natural Bridges

Natural Bridges

Natural Bridges Attraction

Besides its quite unique, nature around the bridge is also quite rich. Another thing that makes the tourists who come there more is because you will also be able to find some natural scenery around the bridge and also some of the attractions that you can do there. although it is not a place of entertainment or travel, there save a lot of things to see and do. one of the things offered there include State Parks, Geologic Formations, Beaches. of course there are several tourist attractions such as state parks around the bridge that was built to increase the attraction of tourists. some things can be done there is a Hiking and Viewing wildlife. certainly in a lot of places will rock the lives of wild animals which breed there, we can enjoy the natural beauty, along with the lives of several species of wild animals around the bridge and in the National Parks.

Natural Bridges

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