Canada's National Park World Heritage

The business of people’s life in a crowded city can in fluent our mind for being stress or other environment disturbances that even make our body condition worse. The pollution separated widely in which contain bad virus that surely weaken our body even sometime lowers our immune system. This case in commonly happen around us where we know, actually we seriously need a fresh air, not an air conditioner. Imagine the fresh air naturally get into our lungs and fulfill every part of our body which absolutely able to refresh our mind.
 Canada National Park
 We need a place where is still natural to held few fun activities there. I have a brilliant idea of semi heaven place located in Canada that surely make your eyes widen because of its natural view. It is called as National Park of Canada that considered preserve spectacular and representative of the country. The best fact that it has one park every part of the territory, from 13 provinces of Canada. The sum of all parks in Canada is currently 39 National parks and 8 National Park Reservations which both of them including the country’s four National Marina Conservation Area (NMCAs).
 It has its main goal that to create a protecting system for the natural regions.  The protection system of 39 different regions has reach up to 60% complete since the aim is primarily protect ecological integrity of the park. Canada’s National Park allow visitors to explore the natural areas even for doing some activities such as camping, fishing, or photographed  without pollute or destroy the nature.

Canada National Park

Some of wonderful parks here can be a good choice for you to spend your holiday. Do some fun activity with all friends or family or even your lovely soul mate will be impressive moment of happiness. Those beautiful parks that can be considered are:
  1. Algonquin Provincial Park

If you have bored caused by the business of city life and missing the fresh air and see a clear blue lake so this Algonquin Provincial Park is the best idea for you. Canada have a famous lake called a thousand lake. Very suitable for water activity just like fishing or camping in the lake around it.

  1. Prince Edward Island National Park

This island is one of the most beautiful island ever completed  with its dazzling white sand. This area is also known with lush meadows. There are many kinds of flowers blooming  in spring and also it has ducks and gooses that sometime appear swimming along the lake.

  1. Riding Mountain National Park

The National park in Canada is like a heaven for fauna especially birds. Riding Mountain National Park have many kinds of birds living in the forest. Imagine how you can feel so comfortable not only because of the view but also the tunable voices of birds as you hear the song of nature itself.
  1. Pacific Rim National Park

For you who do love with surfing, you must be so happy if you can visit this Pacific Rim National Park. The water is clean and clear. Visiting it will never feel regret since you can play with its wave or just built a camp in there.

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