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 You know here Indonesia have two main famous biggest parks: Dunia Fantasi (Dufan) and Trans Studio park (have two different places; Bandung and Makasar). I’m sure all people here have already known about that. But now, Europe Park is the topic I will talk about. Europe Park, located in Rust, south western Germany, between Freiburg and Strasbourg in French, is the largest theme park ever in Germany since opened by The Mack Family in 1780. It is become the second most popular park resort in Europe, then Disneyland.

A brief story, on early 1780 Ronald Mack together with his brothers and his son visited USA then having a plan to open a theme park as exhibition site for his company. After the park had done in Breisach, it was named “Europe Park”. In a time mack declared it officially opened in early 1991, it got count about 2 million visitors. By the year of 2000, the visitors increashed to 3 million. Although it only rising about 10%, but it’s a good thing remember it will always rising per year.
 Europa Park Germany

From the first time it opened, Europe park has only 3 seasons (spring, summer and fall) for opening the park. But the next year of 2001 they finally declare it officially opened for winter season in which the time for having fun with snow and cold. It also has its own logo after registered as formal park in Germany at the year 2003.
In 2012 Ronald Mack report a great news of the park that has big increasing of investment of EUR 60 million which means the largest yearly investment in the park’s history of the world. So the total sum is EUR 700 million.
 Europa Park

Europe Park is famous with its 11 roller costers in which Alpenexpress Mine Train has be the oldest ride there in which a trip of roller costar exploring a diamond mine tunnel. Beside, it has five themed hotels with a turnover of close too EUR 300 million, and more than 3000 employers.
A Dozen events is held during summer which very popular event. the biggest popular one is Midsummer party, then followed by the start ofa great firework display that is closed in midnight. As October is a month of Halloween, so the park decide its theme only for horror with it’s attractive event, Horror Night which include mazes, rides a d shows. It start to open at 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. But sometimes it undergoes delayed closure since this Europe park is so busy and full of nonstop activity foe a day.
 Europa Park
 There are so many features you can’t enjoy for almost whole of day because there serve more than 50 events. Start from walk through includes : Dwarf city, Hansel and Gretel house, Sleeping Beauty Castle etc;  adventure land such as : Jungle Rafts, African Queen, Water Mountains. You don't to be worry if your kids start be bored because it has a some playgrounds suitable for them likes : Giant Slie Labyrinth, Viking Boat Ride, Viking Ship. Lighthouse and so on.
 Europa Park

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