Japan Technologies Dveloped Country

Japan is one country that is well known by a variety of technologies developed. is also a country that is well known in the world as one country that has a strong characteristic. Japanese culture the name itself has been known in the world since the time of the world wars. Countries with the progress of science and technology is also a country that has the progress in the field of fashion. Japanese made ​​as one tourist destination is a destination for some people to study and see directly that countries in Asia. located adjacent to the South Koreans, making Japan into an event space for developing Korean actress and celebrity popularity. many actresses from Japan itself is also quite popular in some Asian countries.

Japan Tourism

in addition to advances in the fields of fashion, is actually a country known for its cherry country are saving a lot of natural beauty, and the art that many buildings used as places of tourism for foreign tourists. among the few places tourism is Ueno Park, it is a cultural park is very beautiful, with lots of cherry trees adorn the entire area surrounding the park. atmosphere there is really very pleasant to walk around. in addition there is also the Tokyo Tower, see the shape of this tower has a design form looks like the Eiffel Tower, but the tower is designed with a bright orange color is located in the city of tokyo, reaching a height of 332.6 m. not only that the tower is also made ​​of steel as a whole, and is included in one of the world's highest steel tower. several other attractions that are also quite interesting to visit such as Universal Studios Japan, Mount Fuji, Hiroshima Castle, Tokyo Disney Resort and many more.
Japan variety of technologies developed Country

Things To Do in Japan

Of the many attractions that we can visit, of course, in addition to visit we can also enjoy our vacation while in japan do things like go to Site Ancient Kyoto, where it has about 200 temples scattered in the area. Overnight we can to explore all parts of the temple and the area, usually temples also provide lodging services. for you who love cooking, Tsukiji Central Fish Market is the right destination, where you can buy a variety of fresh fish. and those of us who bring children for a vacation to Japan, Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama could be one of the destinations, attractions on offer there will be very entertaining.
 Japan Vesicles on Road
Japan Tokyo City
 Japan Skyline View
 Night Attraction

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