Capital Gate leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi

There are many famous towers around the world which has its own unique as the symbol of each country itself such as Eiffel-French, Pisa-Italy, Petronas-malaysia, Tokyo-Japan, etc. But here I will talk about the Capital Gate Leaning tower of Abu Dabhi with slope up to 18 degree which means it is has 4 bigger bigger than Pisa tower. Capital Gate is a skysraper, located at Abu Dabhi Exhibition Center, which be the basis icon of Abu Dabhi itself.

On June 2010, Guinness Book of World Records give Capital Gate an award as the tallest building ever in the world made by people, just what Amusing Planet have said. To make this building keep hefty, the engineers installing 490 ploe with depth reaching 20-30 meters. This tower is combined by two layers where the main building is made againts inclination and alignment.
Capital Gate
 Capital Gate designed By National Exhibition Centre with a striking lean in Abu Dhabi 

Capital Gate is the first tower of Abu Dabhi which is built by diagrid technology, a design of constraction used to built another big buildings sustained by triangular steel so diagonal effect can be felt
The height is 55,86 m from the lowest land surface and 56,70 m highest land surface, while width of the wall below is 4,09 m and the peak is 2,48 m. Weight is estimated at 14.500 ton.

Capital Gate
Capital Gate

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