Windsor Castle |Queen Mary’s Doll| House In England

Windsor Castle is he largest and oldest occupied castle in the world and also constitute the official Residence of Her Majesty the Queen. This outstanding and inedible castle covers an area about 5 hectares and contains some parts that include Magnificent State Apartments, beautiful ecclesiastical building, Queen Mary’s Doll House, and drawing gallery. Because of that, this castle also held a Drawing Gallery Exhibition that usually atheistically accepted by many people. To full your curiosity, please come visit it as the predefined time. It open every day start at 9.45 am to 16.15 pm. And don’t forget about the closing time about 1 hour 15 minute after the last entry time.
Windsor Castle
Some important places that you should not miss are : Maidenhead, that famous for its excellent travel links in which offers also excellent shops and restaurants; the beautiful site of “hidden gems”; Blue Plaques; The Thames Trail, Heritage Trail and Itineraries. Everything here need a camera to shoot the best view. But basically you will be amazed by the beauty side each of the places. Furthermore, you will get special event for each month start from January to December. Each of them provide impressive event, so that you will feel different and just like a celebration in your life.

Beside, Windsor Castle also serves a cinema, theater and many other interesting attractions such as Ascot Racecourse, Royal Windsor Racecourse, Changing the Guard, and The Savili Garden. All the offering here absolutely interest you for a day long. A day in which full of joys and admiration which constitute family fun plans. Not only for the inside and those attraction that able to make you happy, the outdoor side also provide impressive view, especially for its Windsor Great Park and Royal Land-space.
Windsor Castle Interior Attraction
Having fun in Windsor Castle is best experience for you in which you can feel as the real a royal member. By those spectacular sights and offering, make you day be a great day ever. Then for the resting time, try to search some good souvenirs in the shops nearby, or you may want to buy modern style clothes. There many cafes and restaurants around Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead that will fulfill you empty stomach. Meanwhile a number of luxury hotels with a reasonable price ready to welcome you by their most expensive features.
Windsor Castle England

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