Tourists Place Santorini, Colorful City Of Greece

Whenever you come to Greece you may will find this incredible large area, similar with painting city. It is an unique island as paper craft since all of its buildings are so white. It located in southern Aegean Sea with about 200 km southeast of Greece’s mainland. As you know that this beautiful tourist island actually has a complex which is still stand on an active volcano. Nevertheless Santorini has become favorite place to stay for several villages and towns.
The view of sunset is clearly looks wonderful and attract many people so that they convincing that Santorini island is good to visit. Because of that, many of them also say this island is the great natural wonder of the world. Not only having clear white situation of the town, but you can see another blue through its beaches. There is beautiful countryside that you can walking around where tradition still survive. Besides, cave houses, gardens, vineyards, small family business, and tiny churches are available to be discovered.

The best place to see and enjoy sunset in Santorini is located exactly on Oia. While other alternative sight to visit by its beaches. There are many fresh beaches that you can play in and doing simple activity just like walking along the shores. Black beach, white beach and red beach are the only little part of them, another beaches as follows Vlychada, Amoudi, Perivolos ans etc. Even you may can’t expect to ride a horse there. It possible since Santorini island also provide horseback riding in Exo Gonia. Scuba diving and snorkeling which can dive up to 14 meters down on the wreck next to the volcano. For this danger sport only intended to visitor who love with challenging.
Santori island is famous with its great white architectures through the buildings. Highly contains the value of aesthetic in which become main characteristic of the island. The most famous town from whole of Santorini are Fira and Oia, whose white and pastel colored homes and churches seems on the top of each other. If you already there, so do not ever miss this traditional food in shaped as salad which called as fried tomato balls or tomato keftedes. At least, where to stay? Santorini is actually divided into two part, west and east. And the best place to stay is already in eastern district with luxury hotels as follows Fira White Residence, Elli non Thea Boutique Hotel, Cori Rigas Suites and many others.

Santorini Greece


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