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BudapestBudapest is the name of one of the grandest cities in the world, this city is the capital city of Hungary. We can call it as the cuty’s magnificent buildings have classic characteristics such as the english empire, and some of the building are very elegant and luxurious. This city could be one of our goals for the town traveled with the stunning views of the building. But before we go abroad, we must first know what kind of country that will we visit it. This city is divided into 23 districts, but broadly divided into 2 parts. The first part is buda, covering districts 1, 2, 3, 11, 12 and 22 and also including obuda in the north. The second parts is pest, covering districts 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Which is located at the eastern region of Danube. Budapest actually consists of two cities, that separated by the river danube. This city with a unique architectural style Paris, is actually has called Celtic tribal. When we went there, we have to provide a lot of money because in addition to stunning view of the city, the quality of life in this city is very high. Among some of the most famous places in Budapest, we can go to the castle hill, which is located in the district 1 of the buda. Is the oldest place in the town we would see the castle, there are also some attractions, and famous places like the labyrinth, fisherman bastion and Mathias church. And some other places we can see from the castle hill is the royal palace is a famous attraction in the hills, besides that you can also visit the national gallery, Lions' Courtyard, Hunyadi Garden, and Savoyai Terrace. For a number of major attractions and beautiful city that is equipped with a cafe, we can enjoy it all at Belvaros – Lipotvaros. There is also an industrial and political center of the city of Budapest. If we have been in Budapest, we should take the time to walk to Ujlipotvaros the place that having an awesome Margarete bridge. This bridge was built around 1910 tp 1930. And some other places that we can see from gellert hill is parliament building, St. Stephan's Basilica, Great Synagogue and the Jewish Museum and also Jewish Quarter and Jewish Heritage Walking Tours in Budapest. And more other laces are also no less beautiful. This beautiful city is included in one of the world heritage, protected by UNESCO since 1987.

Budapest Wonderful View of Bridge 

 Budapest Night Time Attraction

 Resort View

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