Cool Lake Louise in Alberta,Canada

Lake Louise is popular for its hiking tracks, beautiful scenery, and romantic destinations. Its also called skiing capital f Canada or one of the best romantic destination in Canada. Hiking is the most interesting activity in here as you can enjoy the most long and high tracks. There are over 200 KM trails in near with the lake area and many more in surroundings. The lake is famous for its sparkling blue water and offer its cold and clean water in summer and most scenic skating rinks in winter. This is 2.5 Kilo Meters long and 90 Meters deep. Moraine also located with nearby which is popular for its indigo blue water surrounded by full peaks mountains. 
In here i just recommend avoid to go there at 10 pm to 4 am in summer, as the place will be more crowded. Evening is the best time to visit the place as the environment will be more quite and calm.
Lake Louise and Beautiful Flowers
 Beautiful Flowers
Lake Louise Wonderful Attraction
Wonderful Attraction
Great Place Lake Louise in Alberta
Great Place Lake Louise in Alberta
Lake Louise nice view by skyline
 nice view by skyline
Lake Louise Natural Wonder in Canada
 Natural Wonder in Canada
Amzing Place Lake Louise looking gorgeous
Amazing Place looking gorgeous
Hotel in Lake Louise Alberta,Canada
Hotel in Alberta,Canada 
Snow Attraction of Lake Louise in winter session
Snow Attraction in winter session

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  1. Hy everybody

    lake louise is really fantastic. I was there in June 2012. See my photos of the lake and the nearby lakes, such as Lake Moraine Lake and Emerald Lake and Peyto in

    Jorge Duarte



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