Beautiful Arches National Park in, USA

Arches National Park just located in the north of Moab. The are of the Park is only 5 mile about 8Km. That is made by natural sandstone arches, and it is contains the world largest concentration. Although over 2,000 arches are located within the park's 76,518 acres, the park also contains an astounding variety of other geological formations. There are 76679 acres about 31031 ha in this area. The most highest elevation is 5653 feet about 1723 meter at the Elephant Butte, and the lowest elevation is 4085 feet about 1245 meter at the place of the visitor center. Almost 43 arches have been collapsed since last 42 years. The average of the rain falling per year is about 10 inches (250MM). It was re-designated as a National Park on November 12, 1971.


Arches National Park more than a million people visit each year, and every one wants to see that beautiful national park and the all of major viewes in the park. As a result of its popularity, you should always expect to see people surrounding this world famous arch. Although it may occasionally happen, it is unrealistic to expect a solitary experience around Delicate Arch. I also wanna visit this wonderful park and InshAllah one day iwill go there and take some more fantastic images just for you thanks.
Arches National Park in USA
Arches National Park, Utah
Great Attraction Arches National Park
 Wonderful Natural Stone
Great Tourist Place Arches National Park


Humans have occupied the region since the last ice age 10,000 years ago. Fremont people and Ancient Pueblo People lived in the area up until about 700 years ago. 

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