Beautiful Island of Ibiza,Spain Historical Attractions

Ibiza is an island which is situated in Spain in the Balearic archipelago. After Mallorca and Minorca Island its rank is third in term of surface. Its covering is 541 22 km2 with the margin of 210 km. This island contains the people of 75000. In 654 BC it was developed by Phoenician who named it Bosom and devoted to Bes, the dance and God of music.

Ibiza Spain Island
Many famous lived there like Punk musician Sid Vicious, comic Terry Thomas, Orson Welles, who was the film director; they all lived in this place. It is popular for the night life and contains a world heritage site; it contains on the beautiful island with green beaches and contains a blue sky. This Ibiza contains 50 islands which are also beautiful. In different areas they have different island. Beside this Ibiza is also the city as well which is located at the south of the island and by the UNESCO it’s center is restricted. Referring to the scenery it is one of the most attractive cities of the Mediterranean area. At the bottom of the city, the dock is located where the boats are stored. Of the boat service it is the exit point to Fomenter, Denial, Barcelona and Palma. Near the dock bars and restaurants are situated.
Amazing Review of Ibiza Spain

Ibiza Island Skyline Attraction
Ibiza,Spain Island and Beach Wonderful Attraction in Vacation
Ibiza Wonderful Beach in Vacation
For tourism it is very beautiful place to view. Around a year 2.8 million tourists visit this place and around 26,000 flights airport handle it. One thing of Ibiza which is very famous it’s soil. In the pine needles this soil is come from the tannin. Beside this there hotels are marvelous. They have the large selection of the hotels. They have good varieties from five star hotels to modern, complex, cultured which are very comfortable. They give you different offers like family clubs, hostels any more. According to me the best hotel which gives you varieties offers they are in Playa Den Bossa, in Portinxa, in Es Figural and many more. About the hotels in the year 2007 government make the new rule that their hotels should be five stars. In the year 2010 the population of this island has been increased and estimated about 132,637.

Over this entire island is the best island to visit in the vacations with your family, which gives you fully entertainment and enjoyment.
Ibiza Spain Night Life
Ibiza,Spain Night Life Review People Enjoying his Life with this Beautiful Time
Wonderful View
Great Attraction of Ibiza,Spain Historical Place in the World
Great View of the boats

 Wonderful Place of the World


  1. Ibiza is really a great island to visit. I almost saw all places of Ibiza at my last trip and saw all beaches, markets. It was amazing trip of my life. I will go there again.

  2. I went to Ibiza when I was very young, and I felt completely in love with the island. After 20 years I came back with my couple and she felt the same. So... we decided to buy a house there and live in Ibiza :D



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