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Tokyo is one of the 47 states of Japan. It is also the capital of Japan. It is the largest metropolitan area in the world as well as main center of Greater Tokyo. Japanese Imperial Family resides in the Imperial Palace and it's is also the seat for Japanese Government. It lies in the Kanto area and the south east side of main island Honshu. It also includes the Ogasawara Island and Izu Island. The metropolis of Tokyo was formed in 1943 because of the union of previous states.

It is more commonly referred to as the metropolitan prefecture. There are 23 special Wards of Tokyo which are being administered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and each Ward is being governed as one own individual city. It is covering an area which was formerly the City of Tokyo. The government of metropolitan also governs 39 municipalities at the west. The total populations of special ward sums up to about 9 million people with the total population more than 13 million of the prefecture. It is world’s most populous metropolitan area and also world’s largest urban agglomeration economy with a gross Domestic Product of US $1.48 trillion at purchasing power parity. The city is hosting fifty one of the fortune Global 500 companies which is like the greatest number of any city.
Tokyo japan tower
It has been called as one of the 3 places in the world economy which command it. The other two are the New York City and London. It is popularly known as the alpha plus world city. For emigrants, Tokyo was names as the most expensive city as stated by the Mercer and Economist Intelligence Unit. IN 2009, it was named as the 3rd most livable City while the Magazine Monocle ranked it as number one Most Livable Megalopolis. It has also been ranked top most in having best Michelin stars of any city around the globe. The City of it's also hosted the Olympics of 1964 and is a candidate city for the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympic Games.
Tokyo is the focal point and the setting of many Japanese Movies, shows, dramas, animes (animated series) comic books (mangas) and the web comics. It has been constantly used as a host and setting of the main scene. The movies that were being shooting here include the Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, Inception, My Geisha, and Joe, You only Live Twice (James Bond film) Babel, Kill Bill and Lost in Translation.
Tokyo japan roads view
Tokyo japan buildings lighting

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