7 Star Hotels Luxury Rooms Fantastic Collection

7 Star Hotel Luxury room is a space in the rating from level of luxury available in it. the room can be found in the hotel that offers luxury with a high enough level. You can find the room in some hotels below :

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele hotel, which also offers other 7 star the room is Town House, precisely the room that has the highest luxury, is part gallery, a well-known named Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is located in the heart of Milan. Decoration designs in the gallery the room looks very classic with a mix of wall paintings and wall decorations also forms a stark contrast. Beautiful scenery this gallery we can even enjoy from some room space provided.
There was also a plaza named Morgan Plaza that is now better known as the Pangu 7 Star Hotel. Was the most luxurious seven star hotel is part of the restaurant. Does this room has an interior design that is quite unique with a blend of bright colors is supported by china ornaments. Not only interesting but also looks very luxurious on furniture arrangement and color combination that produced.

Emirates palace hotel abu dhabi is also one of the hotel offering five-star facilities the room 7. Different from what has been mentioned above, which offers luxurious the room, this hotel offers luxury at it entertainment facilities on offer, one of which is a swimming pool, as well as theater. Not only supported with a friendly service, exterior decoration on the swimming pool, quite adequate and complete, in addition to luxurious and decorative.
Flower of the East Hotel is another hotel that also has a 7-star luxury in the form of the building. As the name suggests, this magnificent building also looks amazing at night. The beam is designed like a flower. Not only the shape of the building is awesome, the room rooms and other spaces inside are also designed very luxurious and complete.
7 star hotel room

luxury room design by 7 star hotel
7 star hotel wonderful apartment

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is one that is included in the first seven-star level. The most luxurious rooms hotel is located in the lobby. when you are in the lobby of this hotel, you will find a room with an amazing level of interior decoration, supported by the availability of facilities such as a luxurious lobby bench, air-conditioning, desk are neat and friendly service. Luxury rooms in this hotel more visible from the unique shape building design yet elegant.
Burj Al Arb Night Attraction
7 Star Luxury room of Burj Al arab hotel

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  1. I went here and totally hated it...so cheap.



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