London City Capital of England

The London City is the district of London. Ever since the middle Ages since its first settlement by the Romans, The boundaries of the city are still unchanged. It is now a small portion of metropolis. It is holding its own rights by her and is a separate ceremonial county as well.

The city or more popularly known as the Square Mile covers an area of 2.9 square kilometer. The corporation is under the Lord Mayor of London City which is different than the office of Mayor of London.

It's ranking number one as the center of global finance. London City throughout the 19th century was world’s fundamental business center and was the focal point for many business meetings. In 2008, it was the first in Worldwide Centres of Commerce Index. The industrial part of the it's is at the east. Canary Wharf is the other financial district at the distance of about 2.5 miles approximately eastwards.

It is consists of a population of 7000. The major portion of the western and northern sides belongs to the legal profession there especially in the Temple and Chancery Lane areas where there is Inns of Court are situated. Inns of Court contain an Inner Temple and a Middle Temple which are also found within the boundary of the London City.

London City hall

Inner and Middle Temple are 2 of the few remains of liberties. They are local authorities and are not governed by the London City Corporation. They are like independent enclaves and a part of the Farringdon Without ward .

Smithfield and Leadenhall Markets, both are owned by the it's Corporation. There are many parks, commons and parks outside the boundaries which are also under the responsibility of the corporation. This includes the famous renowned Epping Forest, Northern Ireland, Hampstead Heath, Old Spitalfields, Billingsgate Fish Market, Tower Hamlets, The Old Bailey, The Criminal Court for the England and Wales etc

London a beautiful city in United kingdom 

It has its own independent police also. However the Greater London is relying on the Metropolitan Police Service which is basically based at the New Scotland Yard.

There is just one hospital which was opened in 1123 and is known as St Bartholomew’s Hospital. It is located at Smithfield.

London City is also the 3rd largest and biggest UK patron of the Arts. Barbican Center is one of the most important Arts performing companies.

London City Wonderful Attraction

London Fireworks 2012 New Years Event

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