Saudi Arabia City

Saudi arabia is one of the countries, that majority of the population is Muslim. state which is also a place most visited by foreign tourists, apparently also a pretty wonderful place to visit. Although most of tourists who come to Saudi arabia is to perform the pilgrimage, but some of them also visiting this country for the purpose of vacation. Saudi Arabia is also known by the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, also has several attractions that we can visit while there. Among these places, some established as a place of entertainment and also as one of the things that can add to the attractiveness of this country so that more tourists come there.

Popular Destinations in Saudi Arabia

Among some of the most frequently visited by foreign tourists and the local one is Riyadh. Riyadh is one pretty enough town, where you will find some comfortable lodging as Al-Najdiyah Village and also some fabulous places to visit such as Kingdom Centre Tower, National Museum, Wadi Hanifa and many more. In addition there is also the city of Jeddah that also one of the points of interest, lots of people that do the pilgrimage, there are also offers several attractions such as King's Fountain, Silver Sands Beach, and Balad. Besides several other cities which also a popular tourist destination is the mecca, in the main town is also available a few places that tourists come become the main point, the Abraj Al-Bait Towers, Mecca Mall, Black Stone and Jabal-al-noor (Mountain of Light). Other cities is quite a destination, there is also a medina, Al Khobar and Dammam.

Attractions in Saudi Arabia

Talked about attractions in Saudi arabia you might be able to find something different from other countries in the world. Because the air temperature in Arabic can be quite hot, there you will find some pasture. Other than that some of the attractions that are available include the National Museum and Saqer-Aljazirah Aviation Museum, some malls like Granada Center and Panorama Mall and several other shopping malls, some sites such as historic buildings Masmak Citadel and Old Dir'aiyah. From some of the attractions above, saudi arabia is also well known as one of the countries that have a pretty good building design and beautiful, for it was there also offer some architectural interest to visitors, such as Kingdom Centre Tower and Al Faisaliyah Center and many more.
saudi arabia city
saudi arabia city

saudi arabia city
Saudi Arabia Map

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