Phang Nga Bay Piece Of Paradise In Thailand

If you are going to Thailand, so you should see Phang Nga harbor which is a piece of paradise. You will be inspired and get excited from this place. This Bay is a rock formation from hundred of limestone mountain which is over the sea. If you love nature parks, historic are and cave walk so this is place for you. The water is total pure from November to April but in rainy sea they shut down there area which little bit depressing and bad.

Phang Nga
You can also take a tour of a speedboat tour which is very appealing. They have eco system which is very unusual at Ko Hong, you can also check out other island as well such as Tapu island before going to Koh Talu. Besides that Ko Khai Nai island where you can swim, relax and snorkel as well. When you are going for picnic it is a great place for you or for your family members. When you come towards this bay it will bring you towards Masjid where you will front towards sea gypsies who made living from sea. If you want to take a fantastic exploration of about these all four islands so you can take a paddle boat ride. Besides that you can take elephant journey which is mostly people choice. It is the best option but people give priority to boat and journey hour. Besides bay, it is also rich with flora and fauna. There are very wonderful sights of this like tropical birds, glamorous hanging fruits which are one of the beauties of nature and water buffaloes; they are bathing which is very interesting thing to see.

Phang Nga Bay
Towards mountain paths you can take elephant’s ride which seems very thrilling but when you travel with your family members it makes your time very memorable and more exciting. Watching elephants which picking up you with trunk and also leave you it is a funny act.
Over all it is a very beautiful place to visit, where you can easily relax yourself and leaves your all worries behind and enjoy yourself.

Phang Nga Bay Thailand

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