Necker Island, British Virgin Islands In Caribbean

The British Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean and are a British overseas territory. These islands are all quite beautiful and a perfect place to spend the vacation in. Necker Island is one of the few islands that make up the British Virgin Islands and is located in the eastern sections of the Caribbean. This island is quite small in size. It was named after a 17th- century Dutch commander but it wasn’t inhabited until late 20th century. It is currently owned by Sir Richard Branson who acquired this island in the ‘70s. This place was slowly developed and many residencies were built to accommodate guests. The island currently works as a resort and as many as 28 guests can stay here at a time.
Necker Island

If you are planning to take a vacation with family then you can rent out the whole island to yourself. There is a main house with 10 bedrooms. This is very beautifully furnished and even has a Jacuzzi bath and a Victorian bathtub. The house has its own sitting area as well. The bedrooms have their own balconies and provide inspiring views of the sea. There are also three Balinese Houses , that offer villa accommodations which all have their own private pools, dining areas and air lounges. If you are planning to spend a vacation on this island then you would be pleased to know that there is a helping staff on the island that can look after all your needs.

Necker Island tourists destination
The place also provides great opportunities for adventure and fun for the guests. Apart from swimming and soaking in the sun you can also take part in numerous exciting sport activities such as snorkeling, water- skiing and laser sailing. There are also tennis courts and snooker tables where you and your family can have fun.  You would even find all kinds of libraries such as video, book and music library. Necker Islands are a perfect spot for a family vacation. You can have the whole island to yourself and have a helping staff to your disposal. You and your family are sure to have a great vacation at this beautiful place.

Necker Island British virgin Islands

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