Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

It is approximately having an area of 3 square miles. Jost Van Dyke is among the four islands of the British Virgin Islands and is the smallest one. It is located at the north area of the archipelago of the Virgin Islands, Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. It is nearly eight kilometer at the north of Saint John and eight kilometer at the north-west of the Tortola. It is mainly a volcanic mountain and the height of the highest point on the mountain is approximately is 321 meters.
The population is not more than 300 having more young population (as much as 46%). The island receives many tourists each month. Visitors come from the Saint Thomas and Tortola through ferry and private boats. 

Jost Van Dyke
The most visited area is the Great Harbour. There are plenty of restaurants and bars in this beach strip. The most popular spot especially for the Caribbean boaters is the Foxy’s Bar in the Great Harbour. It is situated there ever since 1960s. The Foxy’s has been organizing all year round parties hosting and inviting many guests. The New Year’s Eve is a special one also called as the Old Year’s Night.
Great Harbour is a really busy port with more than 7000 boats clearing through the island’s port. The main source of the island’s economy is tourism. Yachting Tourism is the most desirable. Soggy Dollar Bar is another popular beach bar on the island. The origin of the famous delicious drink called Painkiller was in Soggy Dollar Bar. To get to the bar people used to anchor off the beach, swim to the shore and then when their money were all wet, they used to pay with them. There is no dock near the bar.
Jost Van Dyke Island
The famous music video ‘No shoe, No Shirt, No Problems’ was also shot in the Jost Van Dyke. There are many scenes from the One Love Bar and also the Ivan’s stress-free bar.

Jost Van Dyke Primary school is offering the primary and secondary education as well. Students after the completion of high school on Jost Van Dyke travel each day from the main island of Tortola in order to attend the Elmore Stout High School.

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