Brooklyn Bridge Remarkable Piece Of Architecture In New York

Brooklyn BridgeThe Brooklyn Bridge joins two great boroughs of New York City; Brooklyn and Manhattan. You can either drive, bike or walk across it to go from one city to another. This bridge is one of the most popular routes in the city both for people of the city and the tourists visiting the city. It’s a remarkable piece of architecture that was completed in 1883 and happens to be one of the oldest suspension bridges in America. The bridge spans the East River and was the longest suspension bridge when it was created. The bridge was designed by John Augustus Roebling and 130 years after the majestic bridge still stands in all its glory.

Walking across the Bridge is one of the most popular tourist activities for people visiting New York. If you are planning to take a stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge you need to decide which city to start from; Brooklyn or Manhattan. There’s a pedestrian walkway above the road for traffic which can be accessed from either city. If you are starting in Brooklyn then you can either access it from an underpass on Washington Street or from the road that begins at an intersection of Boerum Place and Tillary Street. If you are walking from Manhattan then you can easily access the Pedestrian Walkway from the City Hall in Manhattan, although this path is not as popular as going from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Once you have crossed the bridge it’s easy to get back to the place you started from by taking a cab or subway,

Brooklyn Bridge
If you are in New York then you have to take a walk across the beautiful structure. Take an hour out at least for your tour so that you can fully enjoy your trip. Go during the daylight so you can relish the view on all sides and don’t forget to take photographs of the impressive Manhattan skyline. You would have to walk length of 1.3 miles so make sure you wear comfortable shoes.
You also won’t be able to find food vendors or water on the Bridge so go fully prepared. The Brooklyn Bridge always has heavy traffic along the roads so always be careful that you stay in the pedestrian lane. Brooklyn Bridge is one of the must-sees in New York so don’t miss it when you go there.
Brooklyn Bridge At night time Lighting view

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