Mount Roraima an Adventure Place In Brazil

It is known also as Tepuy Roraima and Cerro Roraima. The mountain is the highest of the Pakaraima chain of tepui plateau in South America.
It is the best and the world’s most astonishing natural geological formations. The summit area is about 31 square kilometer that defined by 400 meter tall cliffs on all sides bordering Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana.

Mount Roraima
This mind-blowing mountain can be visited for everyone who likes an adventure challenge. To reach the place, visitors can use plane to Santa Elena de Uairén airport in Brazil that very close to the border. Then you can ride on bus or shuttles that can take you close to the ascending point- the village of Paraitepui. Of course this is not the suitable place for a family holiday. It is a destination for backpackers.
You fear not for hiking here as it is not hard. It is advisable to reserve your guide at least 4 days prior to your arrival as there are plenty of things to see and enjoy up there. Mount Roraima is the most enthralling hiking trails in the world.

Although Brazil is very close to the border, however, almost all approach the mountain from the Venezuelan side. They, normally, hire a Pemon Indian guide in the village of Paraitepui. It looks easy to reach the plateau since it is well marked and commonly traveled, but it is easy to get lost on top of the mountain, as there are few different trails and the near constant cloud cover on top as well as the creepy rock formations make visual references difficult.

Mount Roraima
From Paraitepui, it takes two days to reach the base of the mountain, after that another day to follow "La Rampa," a natural staircase-like path, up to the top and two days are for the return. Many people spend one day and night on top of the mountain, making six days in total.
Besides, they have also a helicopter tours that available from the nearby Venezuelan city of Santa Elena de Uairén.
Once you reached at the top of the mountain which measures 2,772m, you will witness amazing landscapes. Establish a tent around here is possible. However, taking into consideration that you should know the weather changes suddenly in this area so be prepared.

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  1. I have been in Brazil for six months, but never tried to check the stunning Tepuy Roraima and Cerro Roraima. I have been dreaming to see this place and we decided to visit the place sooner as we stumble upon in your page! Awesome!
    Miranda Farley



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