Meenakshi Temple Famous Place In India

India is famous for its numerous religious buildings among other things. You can find historic temples in almost all the cities of country. One of the most beautiful temples of the city of Madurai is theMeenakshi Amman Temple. This temple is praised all over the world for its amazing architecture and beauty. This place is used commonly for religious activities such as prayers but it is also a popular tourist spot in the region. People from afar come to visit this beautiful temple. This temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva and the Goddess Meenakshi who was consort to the great God. It is believed that Meenakshi was the incarnation of the celebrated GoddessParvati.

Meenakshi Temple
This temple dates back to 2000 years ago when it was constructed by KulasekaraPandyan. This temple is one of the finest examples of theDravidian style of architecture. The temple is surrounded on all sides by colossal walls which have been adorned by beautiful sculptures and paintings. The two main Gods whose statues can be found in the temple are the Goddess Meenakshi andLord Sundareswarar. There are several other smaller shrines in the temple that encircle the two main deities. The temple is decorated with numerous brightly painted stucco figures of other deities, demigods, animals and other mythical creatures.

When you are visiting this beautiful temple you must also seeAshtaShakthiMandapam which is located near the eastern entrance of thistemple. There are almost 1008 lamp holders in this place which are all lit during festive occasions giving this place a surreal appearance. The MeenakshiNayakkarMandapam is also located nearby and this place is known for its110 pillars which are all carved with images of religious things and mythical beasts. The Golden Lotus Tank is the sacred lake which is located inside inside the temple premises and devotees from all around the world come here to take bath and wash away sin.

Meenakshi Temple Interior View
The Meenakshi Temple is a truly beautiful place. You should visit it during the festive occasions when its beauty is at prime. The architectural beauty and the history of the place would definitely inspire you and make your visit worthwhile.

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