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Greece is a beautiful country and is best known for its ancient monuments and temples. Apart from the lovely architecture, scenic beauty, delicious food and beautiful cities, the beaches in Greece also play a vital role in attracting the tourists to the place. The beaches in Greece have been a popular tourist destination for centuries. The sandy coves in Greece were also once commonly used by pirates and smugglers. One of the most famous beaches in Greece is the Navagio Beach.
Navagio Beach
This is located on Zakynthos Island and has been nicknamed “The Shipwreck” due to the fact that it is where the smuggler ship Panagiotis was wrecked there. Originally the beach was called Agios Georgios. In 1981 Greek authorities received a tip that a smuggler’s ship was going to pass through the waters around Zakynthos Island. The ship was then chased by the law enforcing forces and ran aground on the shore of the beach. The ship still stands there buried in the white sandy dunes of the Navagio Beach. The presence of the wrecked smuggler’s ship also led to the Navagio Beach being called the “Smuggler’s Cove”.

It is located near the Anafotiria village which is opposite to the capital of Zakynthos Island. The island is famous because of its white sand beaches, limestone cliffs and clear blue waters. The beauty of the island has been attracting tourists for years. People from all over the world decide to spend their vacations in this remarkable place. You can get to the island through boats. If you stand on the high side of the cliffs that overlook the beach you would be able to get a great view of the beautiful place that spreads beneath.

If you are planning to take a tour of Europe or just the country of Greece then make sure that you visit the Navagio Beach. It would surely turn out to be a memorable experience for you. Make sure you take out one complete day from your schedule to spend in this place. There is much to do and see in the Navagio Beach and you are bound to love it.
Navagio Beach, Greece

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