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A lot of people go to Disneyland California for their vacations. Families, especially with children opt to go to Disneyland when they can spare time. Disneyland, California stays busy all through the year. Not only locals but people from other states also visit this magical place. Finding a good hotel nearby can be a problem. Depending on your budget and hotel availability you can find some great places to stay at which would make your trip even more fun. But here is a list of some of the best hotels near Disneyland, California; each of these is special in its own way and would make a great choice for lodgings.

Best Western Anaheim Inn: This hotel is one of the closest to the resort which makes it a popular choice for families visiting the resort. It is located right across from the Magic Kingdom so that you can visit it and other places in the resort whenever you want.  The rooms in hotels are supplied with latest facilities and the environment is very good for families. You can also take advantage of the great vacation packages that the hotel offers.

Carousel Inns and Suites: Another good option can be the Carousel Inns and Suites. This hotel is among some of the best hotels in the area. You and your family would love this place and it is located only at a small distance from the resort so that you can see the magic yourself while you are in the Disneyland, California. You would also be able to watch the fireworks from the roof or the pool of the hotel which would make your stay even more exciting.

Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel: This remarkable hotel is located on Harbor Boulevard in Disneyland and at a walking distance from the main gates. The rooms are spacious and comfortable and you would be able to find a lot of facilities in the hotel that are provided specially for your comfort. This hotel is also very close to the Convention Centre so that you would never miss any of the interesting activities arranged for your pleasure.

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