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Hershey Park

Hershey ParkHershey Park is among the most popular family theme parks. Located in Pennsylvania, United States this park was initially built by Milton S. Hershey in 1905, as an amusement park for the employees of the Hershey Chocolate Factory. Later it was opened for the public and now boosts several rides, resorts and other facilities to make your trip enjoyable. Now it’s completely under the control of Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company and has won several awards over the years for being one of the best amusement parks for the whole family to enjoy in States.

According to the history of Hershey Park it has had over hundred rides but the current count is sixty eight, eleven of which are the roller coaster rides with different height categories. The rides are also rated on the basis of their aggressiveness. There are children’s rides, mid thrill, moderate thrill, high thrill and aggressive thrill rides. Hershey Park also features several entertainment shows which include an Amphitheatre and Music Box Theatre. There are even some strolling shows held in the park that can be enjoyed while taking a walk through the park.

 Hershey Park Water Park
If you get tired of looking through the several attractions the park has to offer and taking the rides, you can also have a little break and relish food the park resort has available for people. The most famous hotel is located a little ways outside of the park called Hershey Park Place which was formerly known as the Tudor Grill. There are around six different private picnic areas inside the theme park. Not only are there several hotels for people but there are facilities to accommodate the specific dietary needs of valued guests. The restaurants offer gluten-free rolls and breads.
Hershey Park Wonderful Review
When you go all the way to Pennsylvania to have fun at the Hershey Park you don’t have to worry about a good place to stay. You can stay at the official Hershey Park Resorts. Not only can you enjoy the several facilities the resorts have to offer but staying at the hotel also means you can get discount on the Hershey Park tickets. A family of four can save around a hundred and fifty dollars and also get a one hour early access to the rides in park which can save valuable time. Hershey Park can be a great place to take your family on a vacation, so why not go there on the next holiday?
Hershey Park

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