Mykonos Island, And Beach Attraction Located in Greece

MykonosMykonos is a Greek island which is part of the group of Cyclades islands. All islands are located on the Aegean Sea. One area of this island is spans .there is 9,320 residents in this area. Spans arises this island at the highest point. The west coast located area of this island is called chora. The famous industry of this island is tourism. Mykonos island beaches are famous for its golden sand and clean water in all over the world. There are many beaches for the enjoyment for example Plaits Gialos beach, Paranga, Paradise, Super paradise, Elea agrari,Kalo livadi , Ornos, Korfos, Agios loannis,Ftelia, Ponormos, Kalafatis, Agia anna, Agios stefanos, Choulakia,Tourios, Fokos, Lia, kapari, Tiganic and frangia beaches. These beaches are at the some kilometer distance from the Mykonos Island if you want to go to on these beaches so stay in Mykonos Island’s restaurant and after that go on the beaches about your own mood time. You can go on these beaches byroad and by the taxi of water. On these beaches if you want to spent some time in alone less and without the rush of people so must go there early in the morning or early in afternoon. Some people come there with families and some people come for the relaxation purpose. Besides that Mykonos is very popular for the large quantity of its hotels .you can’t feel trouble to find the hotel about your budget and you shall get the all facilities of life in these hotels.

Such a wonderful view of the Greece Mind blowing attraction.

Mykonos Island

Mykonos Beach fantastic Attraction .

I have seen many beautiful island but the most wonderful Island is Mykonos i like it very much. It's a fantastic natural beauty wonderful creation.

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