Big Island Of Hawaii Best Family Vacation Spot

Big Island Kona Hawaii
Hawaii, hear the name of this place, surely that is in our mind is the beach, hula dance using tufted skirt made of palm leaves. Hawaii itself is actually made up of several islands, one of which is a Big Island. It is one of the largest in the United States, where it has several volcanoes, so if we go there, it offers incredible views associated with volcanoes, magma flowing, or a variety of larvae. Even in here is available Hawaii Volcanoes National Park which will give us a lot of interesting sights around the volcano.
But that does not mean that it's not safe, on the Big Island also offers several luxury resorts, golf courses, interesting local town, several historical sites, and much more. As one of the famous vacation spots in the United States, it seems Hawaii never had a place that was not interesting, almost all the places that were there to offer something interesting for us to go. This big island, if we pay attention, has a size of 2 times larger than the other surrounding islands combined. And inside volcano, is one of the most active volcanoes and the biggest in the world. But it also has views of the beach that is not less beautiful with other places.
Hawaii island
 The white sand and the waves are interesting we can see there, other than that we can also snorkel around coral reefs, riding in a large field, traipsing through the rain forest, and other things of interest.
We can also visit various places of history, or art sites there as one of the cultural sites of ancient stone Heiau (temple), supposedly the story goes, when we mentioned the name in the temple, the name it will sparkle. For lodging, we could choose a place to stay to suit our convenience, a place to sleep that we can choose; there is the villa at Kolea 16K. If we were on vacation with our family, this place could be the right place for all the family. Hali'i Kai is a Luxury Condo offering beautiful views of the surrounding beaches and romantic.
 Hawaii island
Hawaii island

There was also a Hale Mele Kohola, a family home that we can rent for a vacation on the Big Island. There is also a Kailua-Kona a rental home that offers views of the golf course around our house. Or if we prefer somewhere a bit enclosed and private to enjoy the honeymoon, you can hire a private cottage located in the tropical forest. Also there are various more we can choose.


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  1. Hawaii is such a great place for travelling, beaches are awesome, overall Hawaii is famous for natural beauty...



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