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Trafalgar Square Trafalgar square is the heart of London. Mostly visitors visit London to view this place. This place is considered as the center of London, from where the distance is measured from. If you have visited London and you haven’t seen it, it means you haven’t seen whole London. This square was constructed by Sir Charles Barry in the year 1840, besides that he was also responsible for the House of the Parliament.

Let’s just talk about its attraction places of this Trafalgar square. One of the attraction places of the Trafalgar square is Nelson’s column which is the central piece of this square; it is built to celebrate different occasions. This was constructed by Admiral Horatio, Nelson. It is 69 ft and 3 inches tall. In the year 2006 it was restored and made actually shorter than previous one approximately 14 ft and 69 inches. The base of this Nelson’s column is embellished with four bronze relief panels. Each 18 feet square it was occupied from the French guns.

One of its other attractions, ideal and important place is their fountains in the Trafalgar square which were not saved in the government directories since 2012 and they shut off due to prolonged shortage of supply of water.
Trafalgar Square

In this square there are four foundations, in which three of them feature the statues of the English king and in the fourth foundation, there never had any statue.  It is turned for the public place of art which turns regularly. Recently this place is captured by the Powerless structures.  Firstly there was a model of a boy who was on a rocking horse which was 4.1 meters tall and then it was replaced by a model of cockerel which is symbolizing the regeneration of awakening and strength which was made by artist Katharina Fritsch.
Trafalgar Square

This square is also known for thousands of brutal pigeons and after that it was a popular activity to feed them but slowly this place was not become famous and now there are many pigeons.  In the center of the square every year the Christmas tree is placed because this is a part of their tradition.

 Trafalgar Square in London
You can easily reach here because they are providing different facilities. Even in online you can buy the tickets for it and it is very affordable for every person.
Trafalgar Square lion statue
 Trafalgar Square great attraction

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