Alhambra Is a Historical Palace In Spain

Alhambra is a beautiful palace, it's located in the Spain city Granada. it's built in the 14yh century. In fact that Alhambra was made for The Kings of Islam in Spain for his residence. It's Islamic palace and it's built by Nasrid dynasty for the last Muslim Emirs in Spain. Alhambra has become proof of the wealth of architecture and art that symbolizes the advent of Islam. It is the most major tourist attraction in Spain, , exhibiting the country's most significant and well known Berber Islamic architecture, together with 16th-century and later Christian building and garden interventions. The Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the inspiration for many songs and stories. The interior design is such a beautiful and the interior design is fully decorated with the Arabic script and calligraphy, depicting the richness of Islamic art in Granada. Since 1984 it is nominated as a World heritage site.

Alhambra is the most beautiful Palace

fantastic view of out side
Alhambra Granada
nice marble floor
the pillar is fully decorated with Arabic
Alhambra Spain

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