Luxembourg Wonderful Tourists Spot In Western Europe

Luxembourg is a country in Western Europe that is completely surrounded by land i.e. a non coastal area. This place is the only Majestic Dukedom of the world. Luxembourg has several attractions to offer to the tourists. A magnificent Duke rules this place. Luxembourg owns a number of amazing hotels and features an exceptional merging of customs and ethnicity. It mainly comprises of rolling hills and forests. Several tourists visit this place every year and enjoy the remarkable attractions that this place offers.

Notre Dame, was built between 1613 and 1621, is considered the most significant religious place in Luxembourg. It houses assets, the regal family treasury and the holy coffin of John the Blind. The yearly Octave of the Lady of Luxembourg is held at the Notre Dame Cathedral and takes place after Easter. Thousands of pilgrims from all around the universe come to attend this event.
Moselle Valley is famous for its winery and vineyard. Vineyards are located on the slopes of each side of the Moselle River. You can get a guided tour in the vineyards and get to know the complete process of wine making. Mondarf-Les-Bains is a place in Luxembourg where you can find a health spa and the only casino available in this place.The vineyards are one of the most significant tourist attractions in Luxembourg.

In 1459, a terrifying fire damaged Chateau of the Counts. The history of the city and castle can be found here. The market at Guillaume is filled with colors every Saturday and Wednesday. All types of flowers, vegetables and goods of any kind can be found here. National Museum of Arts and History depicts all the artwork from 15th to 18th century. It exhibits exciting historic, ecological and archaeological phases.
A mix of German and Latin influence is the specialty of Luxembourg’s cuisine. Ham in Hay, Green Bean Soup, Potato Soup, Jugged Hare, Trout in Riesling Sauce and Nettle soup are some of the favorite dishes in Luxembourg. Consequently, a huge variety of tourist destinations are available for tourists of every age to enjoy their stay in Luxembourg.

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