Ubud Bali, Popular Places for Tourists Atraction

Bali is not always identical with beaches and sea. Bali has other attractive places more beautiful than that and one of them is Ubud. Ubud has beautiful natural scenery decorated by wonderful view of Batur Mountain Ubud is also one of Bali popular places for tourists and it was the shooting location for Julia Robert’s movie “Eat, Pray, Love”. In addition, besides its beauty, Ubud also selected as one from 10 most generous city in the world.

Places of interests in Ubud, Bali.

Petulu Village

Visit Petulu village where tourists can find thousands of white storks. You will find them along the Petulu village. In the morning, they fly outside the village and they will come back at afternoon to their habitat.

Puri Art Museum

It was founded in the middle of 1950s. The museum houses the best art collections that collected from different art schools in Bali.

Rudana Museum

The museum is located in Teges. Teges keeps traditional art collection from famous artists like I GustiNyomanLempadas well as some modern arts of Affandi.

“SeniAgungRai” Museum

The museum is the newest museum compared to the previous museums. Inside the museum is all about AgungRai art collections. Tourists also will be entertained by traditional dance that performed daily.

WanaraWana Park: Monkey Forest Ubud

It is located 26 kilometers from the capital city of Bali. WanaraWana Park is a small forest that houses hundreds of monkeys. They will not attack visitors as they are benign. Besides those monkeys, tourists can see ancient temples called PuraDalemAgung, PuraPemanduanSuciandNista Mandala. WanaraWana Park is also the place for “Ngaben” ceremony.

Neka Museum

Neka Museum was founded by SutejaNeka in 1975. He is Bali art collectors. The museum houses many kinds of art collections. Tourist will learn the art development in Bali at Neka Museum. Many visitors visit this place to buy paintings that sold in house.

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