The Motherland Calls, Tallest Statue In The World

One of the tallest statues in the world which is situated in Russia, Mamie kurgan is the mother land calls. This statue shows the symbol of the struggle of soviet people against dictatorship. It is figure of woman who is marching forward, calling their sons to fight with enemies. It is 52 meter long. People say the image of this statue is related to the early goddess Nike, who was said as the goddess of victory. In year 1959 the construction of this statue was started in May 1959 and finished on 15 October 1967. Let’s just talk about some of it facts which you should know about it.

In the Guinness world record this statue is listed as being the biggest statue in the world. The length of the hand of statue is 20 meters and the sword contains the length of 33 meters. Total height of this statue is 85 meters. The weight of this sculpture is 8000 tons and the sword weight is 14 tons. Now this statue contained rank 11th, being the biggest statue in the world. At the foot of this building, commander of 62nd army buried, the well known or prominent the battle of Stalingrad, at the grave side you will see fresh flowers.

If we talk about more of the motherland, you will see the statue of the square which is in the center which gives the symbol of the defender of Stalingrad. It is inside the motherland. The following words which are written on the rock are dying in the last ditch which contains the meaning of never step back.

It contains two hundred steps which tell about the battle of Stalingrad which continued in 200 days. From the bottom of this statue building leads towards the hill. The person who made this he wanted that their staircase should go up to the river but it can’t be possible because of financing issues. Some people say about that now they are going to continue the sculpture’s plan.
Over all in Russia, it is best tourist attraction place and every year there visitors are increasing.

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