Hollywood Walk of Fame Landmark of Los Angeles

It was constructed in 1958, and now has become the influential landmark of Los Angeles. Originally it was planned that 2500 stars would honor the place. Hollywood Boulevard is a resident place for many stars and celebrities.

The Hollywood of Fame is not just a place for tribute of all the legends of the Hollywood Blockbusters since the era of silent cinema. Hollywood Walk of Fame give accolades in form of a five-pointed star to honor stars. They also give moons medals to the astronauts who went for the Apollo IX mission to the moon. The medals are visible at the intersection of Vine and Hollywood. The mini emblem right down the star tells us about whether the star was a singer, director or an actor. The microphone stands for the radio broadcast, a phonograph stands for music industry, and twin comedy masks stand for theater, motion picture camera for the film industry and last but not the least a television set for the television industry.

There are numerous stars which are awarded with the stars at the popular place of Hollywood Walk of Fame. The ceremony is normally very interesting and fascinating. However it is important that you know the exact time and place of the ceremony so that you don’t miss it. There is also a very exciting get-together of the Beatles fans near the star of John Lennon. Another inspiring and motivational event is the ritual cleaning of the stars which is done by fans who call themselves as the Star Polishers.
Hollywood Walk of Fame

There is a very famous and quite popular Beverly Hills Hotel which is located near the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Tourists and visitors who came to visit the Walk of Fame often rest and stay in the hotel to soak up all the fun. There are also great and crowded shopping malls, nightspots, nightclubs with the hotel of Beverly Hills so one cannot get bore of the nightlife of the city. The hotel offers the best hospitality to the visitors.
Hollywood Walk of Fame

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