Why Mauritius is A Wonderful Tourism Place? Read About Mauritius Island!

Mauritius, or officially known as the Republic of Mauritius is a nation on an island that is present in the Indian Oceans and is at the distance of about 2000 kilometers (or some might say 1200 miles) from the southeastern coast of the continent of Africa. The country basically consist of several islands which are called Mauritius Rodrigues, also the archipelago along with the islands of Agalega. Its capital is Port Louis which is also its largest city.
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She got her independence from the British rule on 12th march 1968 and got the status of republic in 1992. No official language for this country is yet declared in the constitution but some of the vernacular languages of this country include the Mauritian Creole, French and English. It has the parliamentary type of government and the current president is Kailash Purryag where as the prime minister of this  country is Navin Ramgoolam.
Mauritius, Great Honeymoon Place
The county occupies the are of 2.040 km square  (787 sq mi) out of which  only 0.07 % is water. According to the an estimate the population of this country is about 1,295,780 and according to the census held in 2012 its population was about 1291, 456 which gives it a density of 630/ sq km. (or in ther units it can become 1636.5/ sq ml). the total GDP of this country which was estimated in 2012 was $20.200 billion and $15,591 per capita. The surrency of this country is Mauritian rupees. The time zone is MUT(UTC +4).

It is a country with various ethics and cultures. Most of the residents of this country are multi lingual. It is well known for is very effective and beneficial democracy and stable economy and political freedom.
Mauritius Island

Mauritius Tourism


  1. Best way to utilize your holiday is to go out somewhere for recreation that could let you escape from the immediate surroundings of hectic routine. Mauritius is the warm-welcoming attitude and exceptional hospitality of its locals. So, Mauritius is a wonderful tourism place.

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