Flag of the United States

usa flag
The Flag of the United States of America or you can easily say the American flag consists of thirteen red equal strips from top to bottom alternating with the white and contains the blue rectangle in the section which is referred to as Union containing 50 small, white, five pointed star, arranged from top to bottom in nine offset horizontal rows of six stars interchange with rows of five stars. On the flag 50 stars represent the 50 states of the United States of America and the 13 strips which are red and in white color represent the thirteen British colonies that acknowledge you the independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain and in Union it becomes the first state. This flag contains the nick name also which includes The Star spangled banner, old glory and the star and strips. It was adopted in the June 14, 1777, originally contained 13 star version but after in the year July 4, 1960 it contains currently 50 star version.

USA Flag

USA Flag
This flag is recognized for the symbols for the nation. This flag is not only displayed on the public buildings but it is also displayed on the private residences. For decorations or as a sticker it is displayed on the car windows and for clothing accessories such as lapel pins and badges. Throughout the world it had been used in public discussion to mention the United States not only as a community, government, state and set of policies but it is also as a set of ideals.
USA Flag have 50 beautiful Stars
This flag has become a powerful attribute for Americanism and is proudly flutter for many occasions with very large outdoor flags used by sell outlets to draw customers. Violation of the flag is considered as a public abuse but it is remain protected as freedom of speech.  The person who has made and credited with designing the current 50 star American flag is Robert G. Heft. In the year 1958 he earned his place in the history while living with his grandparents in Ohio. The colors which are used in this flag are specified to the CAUS Standard color reference of America. 
USA Flag

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