Thailand Islands Interesting Tourists Spot

Thailand is a country to be included in the Southeast Asian region, a country that has a majority population of the Buddhist religion is also a country with a lot of the islands. Although it is not an island nation, but almost several in Thailand is a tourist place became one of the attractions of this country. among all the islands there certainly has a lot of appeal in the offer. And you will find every different atmosphere in each place. government and communities in Thailand, can be quite managed to maintain the area and keep it interesting tourist spots and clean they so that every tourist who comes to feel satisfied with their country. it is also one of the advantages in the state capital of Bangkok.

The Names of the Islands in Thai !!

Hundreds of islands in thailand include the shape of a bay or an island without inhabitants who later developed into tourist attractions. Among the island's name was there covering Phang Nga bay, Mu Ko Chang National Park, Tarutao National Marine Park and Mu Ko Ang Thong. of four names the region, there are about 50 islands under the name. Here some name a few islands in the area that have been grouped covering the island with the largest size of Ko Chang, Ko Phi Phi Lee, Ko Phi Phi Don, Phuket and there are about 10 names. For the name of the island in any part of the eastern coast include Ko Sichang, Luam Ko Noi, Ko Dok Mai Ram, Koh Kram Noi, Ko Chang Kluea, Ko Man Khlang and there are dozens of other names. To name a grouping of including the places in the area close to Cambodia include Ko Chang, Ko Phrao Nok, Ko Lao Ya Nok, Ko Mak, Ko Rang and there are about 20 other names. And there are many more names and island groupings within it.
Tourists Attractions in Thia

Among all the islands are built for tourism purposes, some of the island's own natural beauty naturally. of course like most of the island, one of the attractions on offer are certain beaches. every beach has a beauty of each, of the facilities on offer at the offer and was also different in each island. There are supply sports equipment such as surfboards, there are facilities that provide snorkeling, diving, and fishing. for any natural beauty there are some islands that provide natural beauty inland, some are under the sea.
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