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The Colosseum lies in the center of Rome, Italy and is an elliptical Amphitheater. It is the largest one build out of stones and concrete by Romans in 80 AD under Titus. It is a unique blend of architecture and civil works. At one time, it is capable of seating 50,000 viewers. From sea battles, public events and races to animal hunts and executions, Colosseum was used as a center. It is still Rome’s most popular tourist spot having as many as millions of outsiders. It is also carved on the five cent euro coin of Italy version.

A major restoration works were carried out between 1993 and 2000 which costs nearly 40 million. It is more known as a symbol of the campaign against capital punishment internationally. The color of the light of Colosseum is changed from white to gold whenever a serious penalty is announced anywhere in world.

It is elliptical with a height of 189 meters long and 156 meters in width with a base area of 6 acres. The building suffered a lot of damage in last centuries. The north side of the building is however still standing. There are 80 entrances at ground level to be filled and evacuated fastly by people. Special boxes are allocated to Emperors and Vestal Virgins at the north and south of the hall. The tiers are divided in equal sections by passages and further sub divided into cunei through the steps of Vomitoria.

The superlative and magnificent building is made of marble and contains 160 statues on the upper floors. However, only a few story left for tourists today.

It was also a venue where many games took place, which earned emperors much respect and love. Once the show was started, comedians or comical acts were being done, then the show off of animals. And finally end with fights to the death. The brave fighters were usually criminals, prisoners of a war or servant.

On Good Friday, pope leads a torch lit procession in Colosseum known as ‘Way of the Cross’.

 The colosseum of Rome
 The colosseum of Rome
The colosseum of Rome

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