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Barcelona Spain
Barcelona is the Second largest city in Spain, after Madrid and it is the capital of Catalonia. It contains a population of 1,620,943. Its land area length is 101.4 km2. It is situated on the Mediterranean coast between the mouths of the river Besos and Llobregat and is bounded to the west by the Serra de Collserola ridge which has the height of 512 meters. As a Roman city it was founded and became the capital of the country of Barcelona. In the year 1992 this city has hosted the Summer Olympics and as well as the conferences and many international sport tournaments. The head quarter of the Union for the Mediterranean is situated in Barcelona.
The city is famous for the football team FC Barcelona. In the year may 2009 they have won the Champion’s league Trophy defeating the Manchester United. This city contains beaches also which was completely run over by industries and there is no beach for the use of city people. The authorities of this city has shifted the industries and converted the seaside area into different activity when they hosted the Olympic Games, they change the seaside area into lots of hotels, bars, restaurants and new beaches.

Spain is a wonderful country and it's most beautiful city is Barcelona

There are two languages are widely spoken which are Spanish and Catalan. As you know the Cataluña is the capital of Spanish so it is widely spoken. If we see the tourists areas, they speak English and as well as Spanish. Their drinking water is very bitter, disagreeable, not tastes good. So it is highly recommended to drink bottled water. Very cheaply you can purchase from the local markets. Beside if we talk about their cultural events, there is national feast day which is called Saint Georges Day. In this day you present your dear and near one roses and books. Form this day UNESO was inspires and declare 23 April as the International Day of Books. In this city is Portal de Angel which is the most walked street in Spain. Mostly visitors come to visit here. Overall for tourism this is the good city to watch and see.
Barcelona Spain
Barcelona Spain
 Barcelona Spain

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