Burj Al Arab Hotel In Dubai Suite And Interior

Burj Al Arab is the fourth tallest hotel in the world located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. An artificial island was made 280 meters away from Jumeirah where Burj Al Arab is located. The shape tells us about the sail of a dhow which is a type of Arabic boat. The seven star hotel is located near the Chicago Beach. Sheikh Muhammad bun Rashid Al Makhtoom announced the new name for the hotel in 1997.

The dream was accomplished when the building became the iconic symbol for Dubai, same as the London with Big ben or Paris with Eiffel Tower. The opening ceremony was held in 1999.

Burj Al Arab Suite
About 230 forty meter concrete piles were being laid into the ground to build a strong foundation. The atrium is about a80 m tall inside the building. The largest suite occupies an area of 780 square meters.

The Royal Suite is ranked at number 12 in the list of World’s most posh and expensive suites. The vibrant rich colored theme is inspired from the modern fantasy of Arabs.
Burj Al Arab Suite

Khuan Chew designed the interior of the hotel. There is a beautiful fountain called Mezzanine which shoots jet of water up to 32 meters in height. The interior is voluminous and commodious full of gold that glitters everywhere. 2000 square meter foil of gold was being used in the hotel. The lavish furniture and gold decoration sculptures highlights the traditions of Arabs. The theme and concept was also related to basic elements of nature i.e. Air, water, fire and earth.
Burj Al Arab Suite

Earth is represented by marble and stones, water by multiple fountains, air by the steam produced from the fountains and last but not the least, fire. Fire is lit inside the fountain which is a mere mixture of design and physics.

Each Royal suite is decorated like a separate kingdom, which includes marble, gold and velvet, grand staircase, Separate lounge and library, magnificent bedrooms with extravagant furniture and a private elevator and cinema too. The master bedroom has a four poster canopy bed and a washroom with spa bath, porcelain fittings and world class body products.

The presidential suite has an additional private bar, separate study area, dining area, kitchen and reception lounge.
Burj Al Arab Suite

Burj Al Arab Suite
Burj Al Arab Luxury Suite bedroom design

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