Rio de Janeiro Skyline

In the present era a lot of tall buildings have been built, of course, many reasons and benefits of tall buildings is one of them is a scene that has a wider range. when we stand on something high, we will see the sights of our beautiful surrounding. This vision is also known as the Skyline. talk about the vision sky, there is a place that has a very beautiful skyline view, where it is located in the southeast of the country Brazil, and is known by the name of Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro is actually the name of a city in Brazil, not just a regular city with a beautiful view of the sky, the city is also the capital of Brazil and also has a fairly wide area. can say this is one of the largest cities in the world number four.

What You Can See From The Skyline

As one of the largest cities, the beauty of the city has become one of the world heritage site. of the many places of interest, attractions offered some of them, which could result in view of the exceptional views of the sky, is the Cristo Redentor. This is a statue of Jesus that is designed very huge in one part of the city, is also one interesting excursions for tourists, and became one of the attractions brazil country. sculpture with a height of about 30.1 meters (99 ft). has been named as one of the seven wonders of the world. as well as being the largest statue of Jesus in the world number five. in addition to several other sculptures, which also produces beautiful scenery, is the Rio-Niterói bridge, if we look from the sight of the sky, we will see a pretty long bridge decorated with various types of vehicles that pass through it. bridge known as the President Costa e Silva Bridge is also one of the longest bridges in the world number six. in addition there is also an old city building, known as Centro, is quite impressive with its unique shape of the building semi-triangular shape. skyline view some interesting places and beautiful scenery there is also producing Maracanã Stadium Sugarloaf, Copacabana Beach, and panoramic views of the city taken from Corcovado.

Value Added

Has a beautiful landscape is a place of pride for the country, but when compared to the beauty of the land that could be seen and enjoyed by others, the beauty of the sky penglihaan only a few countries that have it.

 Rio de Janeiro Skyline

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