Tour to Great Blue Hole in Belize one of the best Wonder of the Wold

Blue HoleOn the coast of Belize lies a great submarine sinkhole known as the Great Blue Hole. It is near the center
of Lighthouse Reef Atoll which is about 70 km (43 miles) from the main Belize City. Circular in shape,
the hole is stretched over 300 m and the depth is about 124 m.

It was formed when sea levels were low by the mechanism of quaternary glaciation. When the
ocean is rising, the caves underneath are flooded. It is called Great Blue hole because of the deep
rich indigo color it has! The growth of Elkhorn coral glitters the hues, giving an enriching purple
tinge at the calm surface of the tides.

History of the Blue Hole

The great Blue Hole became a World Heritage Site of the UNESCO (United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1997 and is also a part of Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System. It
is under the protection of Belize Audubon Society. In 1972, Jacques Cousteau grabbed the Calypso and
dive the submarine into the great hole to observe the stalactites which was suspending from overhanging
walls. It was found that there is no oxygen at the bottom surface, and hydrogen sulfide gas prevents
bottom inhabitants from disturbing the alignment of sediments. Spores, mercury, fluctuating pollen and
arsenic levels

There is no oxygen near the bottom, and hydrogen sulfide prevents bottom dwellers from
burrowing and disturbing the sediment. Preliminary analysis of the short cores showed
fluctuating pollen, spores, mercury, and arsenic levels up to 221 parts per million were also
found after the analysis of the sample.

The Hole is situated far from the industrial area of contains aerosols, but is well affected by silica and
clay-bearing African soil dust within the area. The deposition normally occurs between June and October.

What people thinking

According to people of Belize, It should be categorized under the Seven Wonders of the World for being
one of the most astonishing dive sites around the globe. It is also a popular recreational spot- especially
for the scuba divers- and for those who are tempted by the great opportunity of diving in the blue water.
The main attractions include the rare and unseen fish species and the underwater networks of caves. The
fish species includes giant groupers, reef and nurse sharks, black tip sharks, bull sharks, angelfish and
butterfly fish.

On-shore caves are also found in Belize and in Yucatan Peninsula, as large as collapsed sinkholes.
Normally the trips for diving are full-day trips, and sometimes two dives are offered in the great blue
hole, one at the North, other at the south.

The deeper one dives into the Great Blue Hole, the purer the crystals of water are seen and the
more awe-inspiring the scenery is.

Blue Hole
 Amazing Blue Hole View
 Blue Hole Amazing look in Sea Water 

Blue Hole
 Blue Hole in Belize natural beauty
Blue Hole
 Blue Hole
  wonder of the world
 Great Blue Hole 
Blue Hole in Belize great Attraction

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