Cool Landscape of Austria Amzing Place

 Austria There are no mountains, no lakes but an area full of grounds and agriculture, is very rich and
mellow in summers.

The Wels are located in the heart of Upper Austria, also known as the ‘Breadbasket Of Austria’.
Farmers often go there to spend a peaceful vacation with their family. In summer cattles are
being taken up in the mountains so they can stay outside till autumn. The green grassy lands can
be seen everywhere in Austria especially if you are fan of country life. Fertile Soil sorrounded
by large forests attracts the people who wants to spend their weekend away from the busy life of
Between the Palaeozoic Carnian Alps in south and mesozoic Lienz Dolomites in the north, lies
the most beautiful valley ‘Periadriatic Line’. The river Gail flows in between this valley .

Austria features a variety of landscapes. In the east, Pannonian lowlands lie between the
grasslands and in the west are Alpine regions. The south contains hills, wetlands, lake plateaus,
and forests.

Alpine Foothills is a rich farmland, full of fruit and grain orchards. Local farmers also raise
livestock here. And hence Agriculture is the fundamental part of the Austrian Landscape.

Alpine City

Alpine rivers have been a source and an important route for local settlements for thousands
of years. The Inn flows through Innsbruck which is the capital of Tyrol. One of the most
beautiful Alpine cities in the world includes Golden Roof, Imperial Hofburg and Ambos Castle.
People from around the world come here for cycling and hiking, to enjoy the stunning beauty
of beeches, spruce trees, oaks, dense forests, wildflowers, meadows and also animals such as
wild goats, local chamois, groundhogs, jackdaws and ptarmigans. Hikers are being offered the
traditional Alpine mouth-watering cuisine in the small huts on mountains, while they can enjoy
the local traditional dances.

Vienna Basin, the Austria’s Capital, is most densely populated and industrialized region offering
recreational options. Baden is famous for the thermal spa it offers. Visitors go there for Art Deco
thermal beach, the casino, a golf course and a horse racing track.

There is a romantic tinge in the air of the town. And the theatrical performances attract couples
to spend a romantic time in Austria.

Austria is popular for its wine, with so many vine yards and wineries that are considered ideal
for wine lovers. The area has over 7000 wineries which is a major source of economy for
the country. A large number of white and red wines are found in this region being grown by
dedicated and young wine-growers.

Also there are numerous mountain and bike trails. The hiking and bike trails off explorers a
picturesque countryside view.
Austria Natural beauty on the Earth
Animals wondering on Landscape

Austria Landscape
Austria Landscape


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