The Great Wall of China - Seven Wonder In The World

One of Asia’s pride as the member of seven wonder in the world,the Great Wall China. Traveled to china, you will be regretful if you miss this famous place. The Great wall is a symbol of China and with it be the longest building ever made by human. On 1987, it is declared as world heritage site, UNESCO. It has been exposed that it wall have the length 13,170.6056 mile or 21.196.18 kilometers. Based on the survey result, the Great Wall have double length compared with previous study.Chinese people call this building Wanli Changcheng, which means Giant Wall 10.000 Li.

The Great Wall become like a magnet for pulling thousand visitor to come. The interest thing about it is actually not real long wall, but it is a sections short wall following the shape of north China’s mountains. The view over some area look beautiful when you see inside the Great Wall. Many visitor come from various countries come to see and admit its greatness.

There is a beacon here which also be one of its attraction or Chinese called as fenghuotai, which is fiction as sending military message by using smoke signals at noon and fire at night at previous age, to tell when the enemy has come. The structure of all the wall also the beacon is made by local material.
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Because of it end wall shape similar with a long dragon which is the head in get into water, they called Laolongtou. On the top of Laolongtou, the visitor allow to climb up to the wall then see the view directly of sea panorama. I think it stairs which Chinese people say as thousand stairs has become main interest there. And now, not only the visitor, even the people can visit it everyday to do usual activity like recreation and exercise in the morning.

When it viewed from above thie Great Wall really looks like dragon with pretty long tails. Accompanied by many green hills winding around, absolutely make the view more beautyful, moreover when see the sun rising. Even when it still covered by morning fog, its beauty is not diminished.
The distance fom Beijing city to the Great Wall Huanghuacheng entrance is 72 km. I suggest you to look for nearest hotel for staying so that you can visit in morning and feel the fresh air or do execise with different situation, that is one of the seven wonder in the world.

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